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Aspen Holland

Growing up with perfect skin, I never had to deal with acne of any sort. Once I turned 21, my body completely changed and my face broke out in cystic acne that was very painful and inflamed. At the time I didn’t know how to handle it. It brought down my self esteem and I didn’t even feel like leaving the house. One day, a coworker referred me to Justina and since that day her and Face Reality have changed my life. I’ve been seeing Justina every 2 weeks for the last 4 months and I’ve seen drastic changes in my skin. I only break out minimally and my face doesn’t hurt anymore. My only issue now is the scarring on my face which I will soon start to fix with microdermabrasions done by Justina as well! The passion and love Justina has for all of her clients is heartwarming. She truly makes me feel like I’m not alone and she is determined to clean my skin completely. I’ve dodged bullets of going on Accutane because her treatment works so well! I’m beyond thrilled to see how much progress my skin has made up until this point and I’m so glad I consult in Justina to help me. There’s no other person I would trust more to help my skin than her!






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Miroslava Moore

I’ve been a patient of Justina for 6 months and the care I’ve received has been nothing short of exceptional. Having been treated for a range of skin removal to the latest in anti-aging, I can report with confidence that the service and expertise in this practice are unparalleled. In particular, the personalized care from   Justina and her knowledgeable approach to the latest anti-aging treatments including skin products has been outstanding. Justina took the time to explain my condition and biopsy procedure that I need. Justina’s services are outstanding and very professional. I trust her judgement and appreciate her warm sense of humor. I really appreciate Justina’s hard work and dedication to her patients. Her outstanding advice has personally yielded impressive results for me, due to the services that she has provided, as well as the products that she has recommended. Keep-up the great work and thanks again!

My standards for skin care are high and I trust Justina and her team will continue to advice on how to keep my skin looking its best.




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Neeva Garris

Justina has really done a great job with my face. I used to be so embarrassed going anywhere without makeup on. I felt so uncomfortable with myself until I got introduced to Justina. She created a skin care routine for my skin and it works wonders!!! Within 2 weeks my skin was getting sooo much better! My face is seriously so clear!! I can even walk to the store without makeup and even the gym and feel comfortable. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. Plus now putting on makeup looks and feels great! It’s all smooth cause my skin is practically clear! I really recommend going here if you have any skin problems or scarring. She will make it vanish!