Rosacea Treatments

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Best Acne Rosacea Treatments



We have found that the best treatment for rosacea symptoms is to use the right products (used correctly). Acne rosacea responds really well to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory products like salicylic, mandelic and benzoyl peroxide. There has been recent scientific research that proves rosacea is caused from bacteria from mites on the skin.


This study shows why our gentle anti-bacterial regimen works so well and so quickly.


It is important to avoid harsh cleansers, scrubs and chemical sunscreens. Gentle cleansers, toners and rosaceazinc sunscreens are the best products to use. The product line-up we recommend is:

  • 1. Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel

  • 2. Salicylic Toner

  • 3. Broad Spectrum SPF 30

In order to start getting the rosacea itself under control, you will need:


  • 1. Salicylic Serum or Mandelic Serum (we need to test your skin for sensitivity)

  • 2. Acne Med 2.5%


Used correctly, these products can alleviate the rosacea symptoms usually within a month of use. There is no cure for rosacea, but the right products used in the right way can be your best rosacea remedy.


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